Back to the Roots..

Today I was going through my daily ritual of looking through my wordpress feed and reading new posts from all of you. Looking through those blog posts, I couldn’t help but wonder why the last post I posted was in July. Yes, the fact that I’ve not been up to date with my blogging has always been a thought but today I decided to really dig deep and find out what went wrong. I tried to (as usual) either blame it on writers block or use the “I’ve been too busy to write” excuse, but then we all know that when you really want to do something, you’ll go out of your to do it, so those were just excuses. So, I dug deep and reality hit me. It was difficult to accept it, but since I really want to get my blogging groove back on and take this blog where I saw it when I first started, I had to. The answer is easy. I lost track, and subsequently lost inspiration.

I lost track of what exactly I wanted this blog to be about. I lost track of what inspired me in the first place. Etc and because of that, I lost inspiration to create any content. You know, I could go on and on and bore you with the stories about how I lost track or I could just honestly promise y’all that I’ll get back on track and do what I’d planned to do with this blog from the get go. I choose the latter.

 So, to all of you my readers, I promise to be a better blogger and I only hope I can be able to get back to that place where I couldn’t wait to put up the next post. 

With that said, I hope everyone is okay. To all my new followers, thank you for following and I hope we get to inspire each other in the best way we can.

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