Let’s talk hair || Revamping old braids || I made a Wig. 

Hello guys, I hope everyone is doing okay. This should be a short post, so let me dive right in. 

Remember my old crotchet braids. Yes? Well, when I unplaited them, I decided to keep them just incase I needed to revamp them. I found the use for them yesterday. I made a wig. Yyyaayy (ticked something off my 2016 bucket list). 

Since I’m going back to the basics with my hair care, protective styling is one of the things I’ll be doing alot. Wigs are great and easy way to protective style while still having your hair whenever you want to. 

This wig was a trial/practice wig. The plan was that if I nailed it, I’d ditch this, buy other braids and make a new one that I’ll be using. Well, it turns out that I LOVE this. It doesn’t look so old since I had those braids in for a short time and I washed with shampoo and conditioned them before use. So, I’m keeping this wig too. I intend to groom it further so they can look even better. I’ve been eyeing the coffee brown braids so I’ll use those to make a new wig. 

Since this was a trial wig that I wasn’t sure would turn out how I wanted it to, I did not take pictures of the process of making it. However, all I used were a weaving cap, a bobby pin, my old braids and my cousin’s head. Loll. I have no mannequin head yet. So, I crocheted the braids in to the weaving cap. I pushed the Bobby pin through about three to four holes then I crocheted. At the front, I went for a middle part because I’ll do a side part with the other one.

 The whole process took me about three hours since my cousin had other stuff to do so we had to take breaks in between. However, this process can take even a shorter time depending on how fast one is.

That’s all for this post. I’ll be making the new one very soon and I’ll take pictures of the whole process and explain more clearly how exactly this is done for the benefit of those who would like to know.

What do you think of the wig? Do you revamp your old braids? How? What do you think of wigs as a method of protective styling? Have you made a wig before?… Let’s share in the comments section. I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Have a beautiful bright day. As the new week starts, may God bless the works of your hands.




    • Hahaha.. @i put them in the trash. loll.. This just made me laugh out loud.
      Thanks alot for the compliment Liz. I will definitely plait something like that.
      thanks for reading and commenting.


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