Catching up || Monthly Favourites || July and August. 

It is the end of the month and we have a monthly favourites post right in time. Its been long since I posted one of these in time. So yyaayy. Achievement.

How is everyone doing? Until recently, I’ve been AWOL. I did not do a July post so, here I am combining July with August. I’ve been trying to get my July and August into a post much earlier…You know, tell you what went down and how it went down but alot of things happened that I dint know where to start from. And as time went by, I started wondering whether I really needed to write about everything that happened. Well, that would take a while so let us just get a sneak peek at what I was up to. 

I finished work about two weeks ago. Uuh… I don’t know how to feel about this. It is a bitter sweet feeling. I miss work so much, so so much. I had become so used to everything and was loving it, but at the same time I’m glad that I now have time to do me, wake up without the unwelcome help of my alarm, basically just be home and have a holiday. 

I’ve been trying to be intentional about certain things like facing my fears and insecurities head on and doing my best to get over them. I’m still a work in progress here , however, it’s been quite a liberating process. 

I also decided to be real intentional about being thankful for each day regardless of what happened, even if I had to look extra hard to find what to be thankful for, I remained thankful. This reminded me that it is all in the little things. The very little things.

I went to Rwanda for History Makers Camp organised by Watoto Church. 

It was a great growth experience (spiritually). I learned alot of things. I got clarity on very many things I was uncertain about. We had a boy-girl session on relationships that changed my perspective on some things. Dreams and ambitions were birthed in the five days I was there. I had alot of fun because with the type of friends I have, having fun is a must. I took loads of pictures (ofcourse), made lots of weird funny videos of my friends and I being weird and funny. I really enjoyed myself. And oh, I got to travel to a new country. Bonus. Komusana blogged about our trip so be sure to check her blog out. 

I had my very first clients for crochet braids. I was so excited. My friend Hope was my first client. You know how I said that I needed clients? Well… It turns out that I needed them in theory because when I finally got my first client, I started trembling. Hahah. All that was running through my mind was “how on earth am I supposed to plait another person’s hair. She will walk out there and she will be asked where she did it from. If it is bad, I already have my name signed to it”. Anyway, eventually, it all went well. The actual crocheting took about two hours.. Hope loved her hair, she says other people loved it as well and she got alot of compliments. Through her, I got another client. Yaayy. Thanks Hope. And oh, before I plaited her hair, I big chopped it. She is finally in the natural hair gang. Also because mother dearest is sweet and supportive, she employed me to take down her braids and give her a full wash day routine plus a trim. It was exciting considering the fact that for a long time she wondered why my hair needed avocado, eggs, bananas etc yet she could just eat them. But here she was, putting them things in her hair. I had my “look who finally came around” face the whole time. 

My natural hair journey marked a year on 6th July. I set out some goals to achieve for this next year and to fully achieve them, I decided to go back to the basics with my hair care. 

You know, go back to doing the things I used to do when I was still an excited first time natural. I’ll have it out for the month of September so incase I choose to blog about anything hair care related, we will be hearing stuff like hot oil treatments, scalp massage, inversion method, baggy method etc. Also, because I want low manipulation of my hair as it is out, I’ll be protective styling with wigs. I’ll do post about this experience at the end of the month . 

My latest music obsession has been ADEKUNLE GOLD’S new album titled GOLD. 

Meehhnn. That album is lit🔥🔥. He makes really good music. You should listen to him. Someone told me that most of the songs that I put here look like they sound weird. Lol. I know. But just listen to them. You may like one or two or all of them because they are lit like that. 

On TV, well, The Voice Nigeria ended so I’m back to watching my true life crime stories on Investigation Discovery channel. By the way watching this channel always reminds me to be thankful for what I have. I mean what’s with parents killing their children and vice versa, spouses killing the other spouse over money, friends killing eachother, siblings killing each other. Etc. And to think that they do all this intentionally after months or years of careful planning is very appalling and sickening!. The world is a terrible place and some people really do go through very terrible stuff. Don’t take it for granted that your dad doesn’t wake up one night to set the house on fire with all of you in it. Be thankful for what you have. 

On books.. I dint read any book these past two months however I’ve been reading alot of articles I find on twitter and alot of and blog posts too. 

On new buys  I bought a bunch of hair products and accessories a few days ago. I’m so excited about them. Maybe I’ll do a haul post about how I intend to use all these products. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.

I met purple lipstick and it changed my life. Hahaha. I’m kidding. It is not that serious. Anyway,  I tried out a purple lip colour and I love it alot. It gives me a different version of me that I love. 

That’s abit of what I’ve been up to during this time that I’ve been AWOL. 

Okay. Let’s take stock:. 

  • Excited:about starting final year. Finally, the law school journey is almost done. My semester starts on Friday. 
  • Thinking: about the hustle of moving myself and my property from home to hostel. Aarrghh. I can’t. Too much stress. 
  • Making: plans for September already. I’m very hyped and pumped for this month.
  • Determined: to post blog posts as frequently as I can.
  • Eating: alot of unhealthy food as usual.
  • Creating : a skin care regimen. Let’s see how my skin likes this. 
  • Practising: how to conrow using braids and threads. The struggle is real.😩😩 but I’m determined to have learned this by the end of September. 
  • Watching: investigation discovery channel and alot of YouTube videos. 
  • Listening: to nolonger slaves by Bethel music. This song is powerful. It has been my “on repeat” song for a long time.  
  • Contemplating: writing posts on two topics I’ve always wanted to write about but I’ve never gotten around to doing it.
  • Thankful, thankful, thankful for all I have and all I will have.

      How was your month? Share in the comments section.




      1. All i know is that fear is temporary and God is bigger than all our damn fears,great that your facing them like a boss.
        oh history makers camp is the real deal(fun time,socialising & ofcourse great to learn). Still hold lots of great memories.
        Your really on top of your hair game girl! congs on your first customer. Let me go listen to this Adekunle Gold Album-am curious already.
        P.s I enjoyed reading as usual.

        Liked by 1 person

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