Let’s talk hair || Dear new natural, you don’t have to get broke.

Ever since I re focussed my blog to what exactly I had intended it to be about right from the start, I’ve been getting alot of inspiration to write and this makes me so happy. This blog, from the get go was meant to be a lifestyle blog. With lifestyle blogs, one draws inspiration from literally anything but while being helpful, relevant  and educative at the same time. Like I said, I lost track of this. I compared my writing with that of other people (who are not even lifestyle bloggers) and you know what comparison does. It caused set backs in the progress of my blog. Anyway, the gist of the matter is that I finally have alot to write about once again, meaning we will have more posts here and this makes me happy. 

Okay, too much blabbing. Let’s dive right in. Oh, before that, how are you doing? I’m very fine. Enjoy the read. 

Today’s topic is quite interesting and the inspiration for this stems from the fact that my entire squad went natural. Yyaay. Lol. And while Hope is wondering about which products to buy, Mimi says she can’t waste huge amounts of her money on products. Etc. So, I decided to do this post because much as I can’t leave my hair grow without the use of any products, I also can’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on them. I am a student on a budget and I love my hair but honestly, it is not an exception to my budget. Maintaining natural hair has suddenly become expensive. You know, will all these products and what not, it is very easy to get consumed and overwhelmed by all of that you end up getting broke maintaining your hair or worse, using money meant for other important things on your hair. 

So, this post is for that new natural or just any natural who wants to keep their natural hair journey affordable. Keep reading if you are interested. 

Before I began my natural hair journey, I promised myself not to turn into a product junkie, and I asked God for the grace to stick to my promise because God knows I love good things (and in plenty) Hahah….So, product junkie-ism can be a real thing in my life if I don’t have discipline and the grace of God. And honestly hair has been growing out of people’s heads without all these products since 1800 and it won’t stop now. So I really din’t want to strain myself and buy products unnecessarily. So far, I think I’ve kept to my promise.

So, here is how I’ve been able to make my journey affordable and comfortable financially. It is not exhaustive but I hope it helps someone.

  • Sala pulesa (calm down/relax) it is not that serious.

Like I said, hair has been growing out of people’s heads without all our recent products since 1800. Your hair will grow. Relax. 

  • Accept. 

The first step to solving a problem is to accept that there is one. So, accept that for now, you don’t have enough resources to acquire all the products you want or you are just the type who doesn’t believe in spending alot of money on hair. Once you have accepted this, your mind is going to start thinking up ways in which you can go about this. 

  • Have a budget.

And stick to it. If you must go over your budget, do it wisely. However, just make a budget and stick to it. Write it down somewhere and carry it as you go to shop. Not only will this make your shopping easier and quicker, it will always remind you to buy only what you planned to buy. Also, carry the exact amount of money you budgeted for. You could add just alittle more for unforeseen circumstances. Leave the rest of your money at home or wherever you keep it. Your pocket will thank you later. 

  • Research and know your hair. 

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is expensive. Dear natural, RESEARCH is very important and it can save your hair and your pocket. Make it your best friend. Get to know your hair. What is your hair type, hair porosity.. These things will help you determine what you should be using on your hair and save you from buying products you don’t need. When you finally know what products you need, research further about them. How much are they, are they within your budget, are they readily available where you live? The first time I bought products was a disaster. I wanted just two conditioners. So I head to town expecting to find exactly what I wanted without any problems. Well, reality hit me after I’d walked all over Kampala looking for them in vain. So, what did I do? Desperate , hyped and excited first time natural decides that she would buy any product she found and make it work for her by force. I bought two products I knew nothing about. The first one, did nothing but leave my hair with white residue and an insecticide smell. I was waiting for the YouTube magic (curls popping as soon as product touches hair) to happen to me, but it dint do nothing. The second one was a Miadi Protein Leave in conditioner that left my hair feeling and looking very hard and it literally felt and sounded like dry grass when I touched it. No curls popping. These products had to go down the drain eventually. I had to pour them and put their containers to better use. Through that experience , I learned that I needed to research on where to find these products around Kampala because ain’t nobody pouring money down the drain all the time. When I finally did, everything fell into place. 

  • Improvise and DIY. 

I know many people are not fans of this, but guys, this hack is not just a natural hair thing. It is a life saving hack. It is important to learn to do some things yourself and save your money, time,have a skill on standby incase of anything and just to build your creative side.

Source: Google Images

 Trust me, one-day you’ll thank God for DIYs. They can be life savers.  For example,my go to deep conditioner is a DIY I make (blog post on this will be here soon). It consists of eggs,avocado,honey,coconut oil, banana. As soon as this got onto my hair for the first time, dem curls POPPED.  It was magic y’all. Haha. This deep conditioner is so effective and the only time I don’t use it is when  I’m too lazy, tired or too busy to be blending that stuff. Otherwise, it is my go to deep conditioner.

  • Buy local.

There are a gazillion local products around town the are way cheaper than the international brands . For example, coconut oil, castor oil, Shea butter, olive oil etc. 

Source: http://www.alison.co.ke

These products are allover town, and they are way cheaper than those from an international brand and best part is, they work just as well. Our local castor oil is just as good as Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). Sometime I had swore that it was JBCO for me or nothing else. So, I went searching for it. People, I found it. That small bottle, as small as a syrup bottle was 55 thousand Uganda shillings!. Ridiculous!. What!.Why?! I burst out laughing when I saw it.

Source: Google Images

 I’m not saying don’t buy JBCO. Please buy it if you want to. It is an amazing product that will help grow your edges and give you thicker hair. It has been tried and tested by many people and it works. But to naturals who can’t afford that, our regular castor oil (that is giving me the same results as JBCO) is 5 thousand shillings. Buy local.

  • Give aways . 

Be on the look out for give aways. This is the easiest way to get really  great and quality products for free. I’ve always been participating in them but I had never won until recently when I won products from The Moisture Well (I’ll review these after I’ve used them for a while).

 I was so excited because I’d read about these products on chocolatyprints.com when she interviewed the proprietor of the company. I’d planned to try them one-day so it was really exciting when I won. So, the point is, be on the look out for give aways. 

  • Protective styling. 

    Personally, this is one of my ultimate saving graces for my hair. Whenever I’m long term protective styling (6 to 8 weeks), like I’ve already said before, I don’t wash my hair, neither do I deep condition it. All I do to clean it is use a wet cloth and hot water to wipe off the dirt from my scalp and hair. So, what I do regurlay is moisturise, for which I need just water, an oil and a cream. So whenever I’m protective styling, I save alot of my products while also growing my hair. This makes my products last longer.

    • Buy multi purpose products.

    There are some products that are multi purpose. For example I have a conditioner that is both a leave in and rinse out conditioner. It is Organics Cholesterol Tea trea Oil by Africa’s Best.

    Source: Google Images

     This doubles as my leave in and rinse out conditioner. It is way cheaper than buying individual single purpose product. 

    • Be you and do you. 

    This is important. So, you are a student on a budget. Probably your only source of income is your pocket money. Your favourite YouTuber or blogger could also be a student but with a job and what not. So she can afford to easily buy all she has. You can’t. Be you and do you. Know what you can afford and work with it. Build a regimen that works for your hair and lifestyle. Don’t rush out to buy every product you see or read about. Know what works for you and stick to it unless you really must change.

     Don’t get broke. Don’t get broke. Don’t get broke. Not because of your hair. No. Don’t get broke. It is not that serious. 

    I hope you enjoyed the post. Share your thoughts about this in the comments section. I’ll be glad to hear from you. 



      • I did?… Well, some of us would still love to read what you would write about this topic… So, I’ll.be waiting for your post.😊😊. Thank you for reading and commenting.


    1. Nice advice on natural hair budget!πŸ‘

      My natural hair has been breaking endlessly for sometime now and for a “lazy” reason, I’ve been coping, believing since the hair is always covered with one protective style or the other, who cares… Well, recently I cared too much, it’s my hair Afterall and I want to ogle at it the way I ogle at other Naturalists. So I mixed coconut oil and water in a perfume container, a finished perfume that is,lol, and trust me, my hair is still under protective style, and I’ve been doing this for less than a month, but I sooooo wish I’ve started before now. Although I was using just oil regularly for my hair, but it was still breaking and greasy. But immediately I started using the water and oil mix, my front hair has been looking really good. It’s soft and looks well moist rather than the dry scalp that usually get me pissed whenever I look at it. So oil and clean water will certainly work for your budget. Spray it morning and night like I do and enjoy the feel of your hair.

      Food for thought… How would a plant look going for months without water, dead right? That’s how our hair feels… Even you not bathing and living without drinking water might make you sick or look dead. βœŒβœ‹ #italktoomuch #intendingonaparagraph #achievedafullpost


      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahah. @#intendingonaparagraph #achievedafullpost…. You are one hilarious person… Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely start on this asap because my edges are not happy with me right now and I’m experiencing alot of shedding too.. Thanks for reading and commenting. Looking forward to hearing from you more.


    2. I truly wish someone had given me this post to read in my beginning stages of the return to natural. I bought so much unnecessary stuff. I am now one of the most cost effective natural’s there are. Almost all my hair products are drug store/affordable prices.

      Liked by 1 person

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