Stay positive and happy.

Public holiday on Monday means; among other things, get some time to write those blog posts you’ve been “too busy” to write. 

Hello everyone. Happy Eid to my Muslim readers. How are you doing? I’m fine. I’m having such a productive public holiday and this makes me happy. 

Today’s post is all about positivity and happiness. 

With life being unpredictable and throwing all sorts of unpleasant surprises at us, it is easy to get consumed by all the hurdles and difficulties that we even forget to be happy, positive and live to the fullest. I guess all of us have been here before. I have been here before and still get here sometimes but because I don’t want to be a negative unhappy person, I try to get out of it. 

So, this post is basically about how you can get back the positive and happy vibes during those difficult moments. Without further adieu, let’s dig in.

  1. Surround yourself with positive energy.

This positive energy could be your friends who encourage you, great motivational books and stories on positivity, qoutes, great music etc. Whatever it is that brings a positive vibe and happiness into your life, surround yourself with that at such a time.

       2. Scripture and prayer.

There is alot of encouragement in scripture and prayer and this has always helped me get through difficult times. It is kind of an instant uplifter for me. So, if you believe in God, believe in scripture and the power of prayer, this could be a very effective way of getting your positivity back on track. 

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I have three scripture apps that make it much easy for me to find particular scriptures that suit the situations I’m going through at a particular time. They are: Holy Bible qoutes, Christian qoutes, and Inspirational Bible qoutes. Incase you need them, you know what to do. 

      3. Avoid comparison.

Comparison is a thief of joy or a source of pride. You know it is very possible to compare yourself with others to the point of depression. Right?. It is important to know that we can’t all run this race of life at the same pace. When people around you seem like everything is going on great for them, they are achieving their dreams etc, it is important to be genuinely happy for them, celebrate with them and then focus on your own dreams as well and continue running your race. After all, eventually everyone will have their moment. It is just a matter of time. A breakthrough is always around the corner. So, avoid comparison otherwise depression will set in for sure.

         4. Count your blessings. 

Literally. Name them out loud one by one and be thankful for them. This has helped me during some situations. It reminds you that you actually have alot to be thankful for and just because some things aren’t working out doesn’t mean your whole life is a mess. 

So, count your blessings. If you have to, you can even create a mantra where you are being thankful for what you have and what is still to come. 

      5. Let it out and let it go.

Have you ever been so angry at somebody or something but you are bottling it up to the point that you almost want to cry or scream or just break something, to the point that you literally feel a sharp pain in your chest and a headache (this happens). Well, I believe some people have and some haven’t because not everyone experiences intense anger. But for those who have felt this way, do you realise that this kind of anger results in you being bitter about almost everything, irritable, moody and just very complicated to be with etc. 

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Once upon a time, that was my life. I got delivered from serious anger issues about two years ago.However, before that, I got angry about EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. Even something as small as how much someone talked or laughed around me got me pissed. But then also, I never revealed to those people that I was angry. I kept it all to myself but deep down I was very angry about EVERYTHING. Because of this, I was always bitter about something, too irritable, overbearing etc. This especially affected my relationships because all the bitterness and what not manifested itself here. Then I got delivered from all this and I learned not to take offence to everything, to be more understanding, to speak up whenever I’m angry, to let it all out and let it go. And this changed my life. I don’t keep grudges like I used to, I don’t hang on to things that pissed me off weeks ago or months ago. Yes, I still get angry but not about everything. And when I do, I make sure to let it go and this has made me a much happier person than I was in the past. 

Source: Google Images

So, learn to let it out and let it go. Don’t bottle it up until you can’t even contain yourself.

That’s all for this post. I hope it blessed someone or taught someone something.  I think just got inspired to share about how I got delivered from anger issues. When I’m ready enough to share, I think I will. I believe it could help somebody. Otherwise, share your thoughts on this post at the comments section and also feel free to tell me how you stay positive and happy. 

And always remember…..

Enjoy your day.



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