Who/ What is your “god”?

Listening to GIVE ME by Kirk Franklin ft Mali Music this  morning prompted me to ask myself this question.

 Who/ what is my “god”? 

In simple terms a “god” means something or someone that is particularly revered, worshipped, idealised, admired and/or followed. I asked myself this question because me being a Christian means that my “god” should be God and nothing else but God. I need to be in awe of Him, in reverence of Him, to worship Him, to serve Him, to have a relationship with Him, to be so immersed and entangled in Him that I don’t have any room for anything else to share His place in my life. However, many times, many things have crept up and tried to take His place. Like some people would relate, we are just so consumed by the everyday “urgencies” of life that we don’t even have time for the real important things in our lives. We realise that we are chasing and idolising all the “urgent” situations in life to the point that at the end of the day, all we can manage is a 2 minute prayer thanking God for the day and then we are done. However, we all know that a 2 minute prayer everyday will not build your relationship with God. There is so much more to cultivating a beautiful relationship with God than just a 2 minute prayer. Like our human relationships, a relationship with God needs commitment, quality time, a friendship with Him, dedication, attention, loyalty etc for it to flourish. Now that, is an important thing in life, but it is not necessarily “urgent” per se, so it is easy to put that aside, make the 2 minute prayer a routine and focus on the more “urgent” things. You realise that with time, these things that we immerse all our energy and time into eventually begin to steer us away from who our “god” really is. This is because when something or someone becomes a “god” in your life, it means most of your livelihood centers around it, it means your priorities in life are based around it, it means it has number one place in your life. It is basically your life (for lack of a better word). How beautiful it is when this position in your life is occupied by God. When your life is centered around Him and what He is about. The Bible says that seek first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. 

Source: Google Images.

Let us ask God to remind us to always put Him first and seek His kingdom fervently. Let us ask Him to always remind us that as Christians, He ought to have the number one place in our lives.


Who/what is your God?. 

Is it your career, family, friends, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, TV, yourself, your situations, money, children, fame, power, social status, your accomplishments, your dreams, etc.

Source: qouteaddicts.com

One of my favorite lines in that song says “….give me that power to walk away when another “god” wants to take your place….”. Let this line be a constant prayer for us all. 

Otherwise I hope everyone is okay. I’m fine. 

Any thoughts on this post will be appreciated. Looking forward to reading your comments. 

Enjoy your Sunday. 




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