Let’s talk hair || Favourite DIY Deep Conditioner.

Hey guys… How’s everyone doing?

I’m so excited that we are now in a new month!. I hope it started out great for everyone. 

Let’s start the new month with one of my ultimate favorite DIYs. 

About two weeks ago. Edges not on fleek.😩😩

I washed my hair last night because I have a gazillion not interesting school related things to do today (it is 3:13 am) so I had to get wash day out of the way. On that note, I did not take any pictures in relation to this post… But I hope we enjoy the read anyway.   
This conditioner is a  DIY  deep conditioner that is totally effective. I learned about it from YouTube. It is easy to make, all the ingredients are readily available and believe me, it works!. 

I use this deep conditioner almost every wash day, unless I’m too busy or lazy to mix it up. 

What you need:

1. Avocado

2. Banana

3. Eggs.

4. Honey.

5. Coconut oil / Olive oil.

6. A blender.

How to make the conditioner:

1. Peel the avocado and banana and cut them into very small pieces because you have to blend them until smooth.

2. Break the egg into the blender.

3. Add three (or any amount you feel suitable) table spoons of honey

4. Add three (or any amount you feel suitable) table spoons of coconut /olive oil.

5. Blend until you have a very smooth consistency otherwise you will still be picking out banana remains from your hair days after deep conditioning.

6. Apply to your hair in sections and literally watch your coils pop!. (This has to be my best part of deep conditioning)..

7. Leave it in for as long as you leave your deep conditioners in your hair and then wash it out and carry on with your wash day.

That’s it. Very easy yet very effective. This concoction has worked for me better than my product deep conditioner. Feel for to add a twist of your choice to it. Once in a while I add peppermint oil to it or any other oil that I’m using at the time. 

I hope you enjoyed the read. Have you used this deep conditioner before? What DIY deep conditioners would you recommend? Let’s share in the comments section. 




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