Product(s) Review(s) Alert. 

Hello everyone. I hope we are okay. 

I intend on keeping this post short and sweet, so let’s dive right in. 

In August, I received some free hair and skin products after I won a give away hosted by The Moisture Well. 

The Moisture Well is a Uganda based brand that produces natural products for hair and skin. I first got to know about the brand after reading an interview the owner did on . Since then, buying her products was one of my top “to do” things with regards to my hair. So you can imagine how extremely excited I was when I won the giveaway. 

Anyway, she requested me to give her some feedback after I’d used the products. I promised I would do that after I had used the products long enough to give an honest opinion. It’s been more than two months down the road and now I’m ready to give a review. However, while thinking about writing this, I got an epiphany. Why not review some of my favourite products since I’ve used them for a very long time. Anyone could like something from what I will review. I don’t want to go way ahead of myself and promise reviews every three days or something. So, I will review atleast one product every week. On a good week, I’ll do maybe two or three until I’m done. (They are not many😁). I’ll be doing this as I write other posts as well.

The reviews start this week. 

Thank you for reading!.



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