It’s Been Two Years!.

WordPress notifications are one of my favorites to receive.😂😂. This is because I know that with every notification comes either a new like, comment or follow and all these make me happy. Doesn’t that tiny “W” make you happy everytime it pops in your notifications bar?

A few days ago, this showed up in my wordpress notification bar. 

It’s been two years guys! Two whole years!. It feels like just yesterday I was starting out with wordpress, excited yet nervous about what lay ahead after I started a blog. Will I be able to write, will people love what I write, will people be interested in reading what I write? Etc… Those among others where the questions constantly running through my mind. I started anyway, and as of a few days ago, it’s now two years!. 

I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. It was honestly all fun and games at the beginning but it later went beyond that. I started to learn from wordpress. I’ve become a better person (in some aspects) and writer than I was two years ago, and all this is because I’ve learned and drawn from your blogs. 

So, thank you everyone for following, liking, reading and commenting despite what I write or how it is written. Thank you for sticking around for two years. Let’s continue this journey together!. 

How are you doing and what have you been up to (with your blog) lately? 

Enjoy your day!.




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