Merry Christmas!.

Hello Everyone!. Merry Christmas!  How are you doing?.

Here’s a real quick and (hopefully) short post. 

A friend was wondering why I’m so excited about travelling to the village for the Christmas holiday. 

Before I continue with that, what’s with we Ugandans and having Christmas in the village?. If you come from a typical Ugandan family, having Christmas in the village is not news. Especially when you are younger, you have no say, your opinion is not sought. When Christmas season comes, you just pack your bags and go. When I was younger, ofcourse I loved having Christmas in the village. What was not there to love? The long journeys, the night stories my grand mother told, etc. When I became a teenager,the story was different. It had become monotonous and it wasnt as much fun. We (my siblings and I) used any excuse and opportunity to convince our parents to let us have Christmas at home. 

However, when I got older, the story got different again. I look forward to spending the christmas holiday in the village and here’s five reasons why.

  • Getting away from the city. For y’all whose villages are in the heart of the city, you may not understand what I mean. I mean getting to a place where a 10 minute journey is actually a 10 minute journey and not 1 and half hours, where there are lloonngg moments of actual silence. No cars passing by, no generator sounds, no noise from machines, etc… Just silence. Total silence. It’s a great time to clear your head and unwind. And if you are like me whose village is a real village and therefore has no chill with this network thing, then you even have involuntary but much needed unwinding from social media😂😂 which is a good thing every once in a while. 
  • The long journeys. Again, not applicable if your village is two hours away from your home. My village is about 6 to 8 hours away, and those journeys are the very best!.
  • The big families. I love me some big families. I love the village more when all my relatives come back with their families. The night time stories are more and longer, laughter is louder, the drama is funnier, the place is merrier, celebrations last longer, there are more phones and cameras to take pictures with😂😂. Like, what more can this girl ask for?. Generally everything’s bigger and better with a big family. 
  • The long evening walks to the rocks. I’m blessed to come from a place that is blessed with all sorts of beautiful and unique rocks. One of the activities I look forward to every Christmas holiday I spend at the village is these walks. We do this everytime we go to the village, but it never gets old. 
  • Not turning up on Christmas day. Phew!. Yes, I love dressing up. No, I don’t like dressing up on Christmas because if you have a mum like mine, you’ll go all out and look like you tried too much (because you actually tried too much). Christmas in the village means dressing up normal. So, yaayy!. Let’s do it in the village. 

    So, that’s why I love a village Christmas.

     Have you experienced Christmas in the village before? Do you prefer it to town or not? Why? What do you love most about Christmas. Share in the comments section. 

    Merry Christmas to you all!. During this season, may your tears only come from laughing. 



    1. “For yโ€™all whose villages are in the heart of the city, you may not understand what I mean”
      I know right
      Already settled into my village as of yesterday..
      Merry Christmas to the Enyipus
      Let’s climb some rocks sometime

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    2. I hate going to the village.. It used to be fun wen we were still younger but now theres jus too much work to do n everyone is in the others business. Thats my village, not fun at all especially fr the gals… Atleast now I dont get to go, as were all old now, phhewwkks!

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