Resolutions don’t have to fail always || Make resolutions that work. 

Life is full of surprises but this doesn’t stop us from planning and setting goals.

Pardon the title of this post. I couldn’t decide on which of them to leave, and since WordPress doesn’t limit us (does it?), I decided to exercise my right to have such a title.😁😁. It is 10th January already and I haven’t written any plans or goals for the year yet, this is a new experience for me because I’m the type to be all set and ready by 31st December. Well, part of it is because my year started with an unexpected twist which sort of threw me off balance, and part of it is because I haven’t yet found really cute notebooks.😁 
How are you? Happy New Year!. Have you written your resolutions down?..

Thanks to the bloggers prompt from Ugblog community, today we are talking new year resolutions. I personally refer to them as goals…

So, let’s look at a quick scenario here. It is 1st January and you are all set with your notebook all ready to write down those resolutions toward becoming a better you. At the start, you do everything by the book and it is going great. By February, a few comprises have set in. By March, you’ve totally forgotten and you are back to being good ole you, coupled with frustration and guilt of ditching your resolutions. Have you ever been here before? I have. Alot of times. 

The thing is, resolutions can be demanding and can put alot of pressure and cause frustration. However, it doesn’t have to be this way all the time. New Year resolutions/goals are achievable and don’t have to leave us frustrated and feeling like a failure. 

So here’s how I try to ensure that I achieve my goals without feeling the pressure.

  • Set realistic goals… I can’t stress this enough. The key to achieving your goals is to make them as realistic and achievable as possible. I know everything is achievable if you set your mind to it, but you still know what I mean. Let’s take an example here. Let’s assume you intend to start a business this year. When writing this down, you write “owning a multi million dollar company by the end of the year”. That may be unrealistic depending on who you are. I guess the best way to write that goal would be “Owning a business by the end of the year”. You’ve not narrowed yourself to a multi million dollar company. So if at the end of the day you started the business, regardless of whether it a multi million dollar or not, then you’ve accomplished your goal.
  • Change your mindset…. And then get to WORK. The thing is, there are alot of people out there who say resolutions never work. If you listen long enough, you’ll believe so even when you know you can push further and achieve your goals.  The truth is, goals work when you set them to work. That business won’t be started if you just write that down without saving, researching etc. Your spiritual life wont grow just because you wrote it down. You need to work for that. You can start that business if you work toward it, you can lose that weight if you persist and work toward it, you can get those grades if you work toward getting them. You just need to drop the “goals don’t work” attitude, and remember why you set them in the first place and WORK. 
  • Pray about them. If you believe in God, never set your goals without seeking Him first and hearing from Him. He may have totally different plans. So, take time to pray about them and ask God to give you grace and keep guiding you as you try to accomplish them. 
  • Be flexible because life happens… And don’t beat yourself when it does. We all know life has alot of surprises. You write a list of goals and life laughs because there may be a bunch of twists coming, but that can’t stop us from planning, that can’t let you wait on circumstances to dictate how you live. Anyway, I was saying, life happens. You may not accomplish everything you set out to, you may realise that you need to make some changes in some of your goals. It is okay. Don’t beat yourself. Be flexible, don’t be afraid to make changes and most of all, be contented with what you were able to do and strive to be better next time. 
  • And always remember that:And; 

So, that’s how I ensure I’m not frustrated by the goals I set. That is not exhaustive. There are alot more ways you can make achievable goals allover the internet. Read those too. 

 Do you set goals? How do you make sure you achieve them without getting frustrated? Share in the comments section.

All images are from google. 

Have a great day!.




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