I failed to write || Catching up.

I’m finally here. Wow. It’s been months. Words can’t express how sorry I am for deserting my blog, your blogs and writing. Well, here’s what happened (in summary because I don’t want to bore you with a long story):

I couldn’t write. I couldn’t write because I was going through a rough time and for me it is really difficult to write when I’m going through a rough time (something new I’ve learned about myself). But I’m okay now, I’ve learned, and now I’m back to write. 
So, what have I been up to? Well, just school. I’m doing my last semester in law school. Whoop whoop. It has been quite a hectic one (another reason why I could not write). I have been swamped with Course works, dissertation, a course unit called International Human Rights Law and everything else that comes with being a student. However, I’ve still been happy and fulfilled through this because each journal, coursework or assignment submitted is a step closer to 7th July which is my graduation date. 

Outside of school, life has been different for the better part because of what I’ve been experiencing. It is alot brighter now that I’m okay. Alot of learning and unlearning has been happening. Growing and ungrowing (not everytime is adulting time) in some areas. I’ve learned to be more guarded where it is needed and loosen up where it is needed. Generally life is different in a good way and I’m savouring every moment of it.
Anyway, I believe my writing groove is back and I’m ready to be as regular as I can.

Otherwise how has life been for you?

PS: Thank you Komusana and everyone else who kept telling me to write again. I couldn’t do it sooner because I just couldn’t get myself to write. But your nudging has finally led to a post. 

Have a great day!.




  1. Welcome back Atim. I also learned last year that it is difficult to write when I am going through a rough time.
    And yes not every time is adulting time.
    Partying all the way to 7th July.. Let’s go

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