The beginning of the End!||Of 3:00am chit-chat and Gratitude.

It is exactly 3:00am in my side of the world. I am 6 hours away from sitting the first paper of my last set of examinations in law school. Four years and a hell lot of books down the road, the beginning of the end which leads to another beginning starts today at 9:00am!. Somebody say hallelujah!.

In an attempt to do final reading, I have my International Human Rights book right next to but I can’t read it.

I don’t know why but probably because I’m just tired of reading it (you know those moments when you are over it and you just want to do the paper and move on swiftly). It chose to rain so heavily tonight after almost every night last week made me feel like I was sleeping in a furnace. I wish I could just take advantage of the weather and sleep but well oh well, sleep is not agreeing with me right now either. The other option would be putting my harmonising skills to use by singing along to Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” album (this album is therapeutic!) but it is 3:08am and I’m a nice roommate, so I have decided to write instead since its been a while anyway. 
First and foremost, I need to give an “uncoordinated post” alert: This post may be uncoordinated. This is because I don’t know where exactly I’m heading with this. I am just randomly scribbling words, throwing a story here and there, hoping they make sense at the end of it all. However, if they don’t make sense, atleast I dusted a few cobwebs off here. That’s a win for me, no?. So, my people, let’s go with the flow. Shall we?

Since I have a book right next to me, I can start with school or better still, make this all about school. At the beginning of this year, I jokingly said “2017 is my year”. And everytime anyone complimented me, pointed out something positive I was doing or an improvement I had made in any area of my life, I jokingly threw the “2017 is my year” line. I’m starting to think I said that long enough to actually realise that indeed 2017 is MINE. Mine to own!. Alot of things have gone down in the past four months, but let’s talk about the fact that law school has come to and end.

We have the last laugh!.😁

And, here’s the catch; it ends on my birthday!. I don’t know about you but I feel like God and the law school forefathers and ancestors (Thank you Lord Denning and your crew) had a 30 day round table meeting where they decided to combine efforts to give me the perfect birthday gift and the best birthday yet!. My oh so dramatic mother is going crazy over this beautiful coincidence and as usual she has all these crazy ideas on how I should spend that day but like I said, I have the perfect birthday gift and the perfect day already, I’m good!.(Now this doesn’t mean I don’t want gifts and surprises. Please, friends bring them in all calibers and quantities😁. Even bring the ones congratulating me upon finishing school. Thank you). 
Still in the light of school, on 7th July 2017, I will wear a pretty dress and pretty heels and make the journey to that graduation tent and I will finally be a lawyer. Not a law student whose family refers to as a lawyer. I will be a real lawyer.

But isn’t 2017 really my year? I’m tempted to go on and on about the graduation situation but let me not spoil my graduation post for y’all. 
So, it is 4:09 am and I’m about 5  hours away from sitting the first paper of the last set of my law school examinations and here I am filled with immense gratitude. Unexplainable gratitude:

For the life lessons learned, both the easy and hard way. 

For the failures and set backs that came with a greater measure of growth.

For the strangers that turned to friends and now sisters/squad.

Slaying our way through law school.😍

For the course units that made law school easier, normal and fun (Hello Law and Christian Political Thought, Environmental Law, Clinical Legal Education, etc. I owe you).
For even the course units that convinced me that law school should be added to the crime of torture (Hello Equity and Trusts, Jurisprudence 1, etc). Boy! did these course units teach me total faith in God, hardwork, dedication and resilience.

For the unexpected twists and turns I encountered through out this journey. The negative gave me lessons, the positive gave me memories to cherish forever. 

For all the non academic activities I indulged in. Thank you for keeping me sane and free from depression. This is where I say Hello Komusana thank you for being my friend who always has plot. 

When I’m free, I need to tell you the story about the first day I saw Komusana with a full face of make up and heels!.😅. Three years of friendship and this just happened last week!.

For very many other things I am too tired to remember. Sleep has set in and remember I’m up right now because I’m trying to do final reading. I gotta go. The rest shall be said another day.
And I’m also grateful that this post took shape after all (I think). I think it makes sense and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 

Otherwise, I hope you are okay. 

Share any thoughts and comments in the comments section.

Have a great day!



  1. yaay!! TIME CHECK 6:28am, Three hours away from the beginning of the end! Success and Excellence for us all. Lets go kick the butt of Human Rights Law.
    Awesome post, Darling!!
    ok bye I need to go back and do my final reading too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Crap u enjoyed political thought…. U sure must be among e only 5 people matsiko talked abt.. E only ones who knw what e course unit is about n seem to enjoy it…
    For me if AM to list down my lovers thru law school (by lovers I mean the course units I kinda bkm friends with ), I wd start with well, Business Associations(company), IP, jurisprudence, and Banking law. For these ones I can say we were sorta friends… Then the likes of Admin law, equity simanya n trusts, Civil procedure, legal methods, atti tort, ICJ.. They were jus like those people u study with but you never talk to…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aawww.. I loved legal methods. It made me I wasn’t studying hardcore law for a minute. Same as political thought. They were a lighter burden to carry. Anyways, I hated Admin process too. As for IP, I really love it, but the exams are always s complicated so I don’t like it too. Hahaha. Thanks for reading and commenting!.


  3. This made sense, yay! Random observation-most of the cool writers I know are lawyers, how do you guys do it? Especially You and Komusana, I need tips even hahaha…. Can’t wait for 7th July to hear all about it…. Congs to you future counsel…real soon we shall be celebrating your milestone here in the writer’s community, yayeah!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a lawyer thing. Hahaha.. I’m kidding. Anyway, Thanks for complimenting my writing. Komusana is writing goals for me too. And you are a beautiful writer yourself. Yyaasss to celebrate milestones here!. And thank you for reading and commenting.


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