Just the beginning of another journey. 

Hello! I wrote this post yesterday but Airtel Network decided to be a drama queen! So I failed to upload it. Anyway, its finally here! Enjoy the read. 

As I write this, Mimiwar is probably on her way to Entebbe Airport or already there. *Sob Sob*.

I call her ❤My Nigerian Jollof❤ because apparently, to most Nigerians, Jollof Rice is a “treasure”. And she is my treasure.

I met Mimiwar in September 2013. About a week after joining law school, I was outside the classroom with a few other people waiting for a lecture and then she came. Someone who knew her introduced her to us and the first thing that ran through my mind was “She is so small and pretty. Like a doll”. 

Well, the person introducing her told us she is Nigerian. Trust me to try to dispute it considering I have a really soft spot for West Africans but I’d only seen Nigerians in Nigerian movies.😂😂. So I tell her to prove to me she was Nigerian because well almost every African I know can fake an almost believable Nigerian accent. So she gets her phone to show me pictures of Abuja. Haha (Mimiwar do you remember your ka green Samsung phone?. You were living a really humble life back then!.😂). Turns out, she had just one picture!. People, she had just one picture of Nigeria! What was the picture of? Just a fleet of cars stuck in traffic jam with their lights on, moreover at night!. That was the proof she had for me that she was Nigerian!.😂😂. There I was expecting to see all her Nigerianess in her phone and that was all she had for me!. 

Obviously, I told her she was lying. I mean, who wouldn’t? Cars stuck in traffic jam?! Really! That could have been Kampala for all I cared. So we went on and on, with her trying to convince me for about a minute, then her friends Togu and Nicole came. So she stopped them and said I wanted proof that she is Nigerian. Immediately, Togu switched to pidgin English and Mimiwar joined her. And that when I knew I was in love.😂❤

Fast forward to the next week, I realise we were sleeping in the same university hall. I met her at the washrooms and my bubbly self went all “hhhhiiiiii” on her. And she gave me the “do I know you” look. I don’t remember what I thought of her at that moment, I just remember thinking I shouldn’t talk to her anymore. Hahah. And that’s what I did. Much later I realised that Mimiwar doesn’t really remember anything. From plot to appointments to assignments to faces to names… Nothing. Unless you remind her daily, or be a drama queen about her forgetting something, she won’t remember. 

She even doesn’t remember the events that occurred the first day we met!. To her, we somehow just became friends.
Anyway, my law class happened to get divided into three streams and we were put in different streams. It turns out she was in the same stream with my then roommate, Hope. Hope and her became friends and then she started coming to my room to see Hope. Everytime she came and found just me in room, she was always scared while asking me about Hope’s whereabouts and acted like she couldn’t wait for me to be done talking so she could disappear..which she usually did. I later learned that because she had forgotten our first meeting, and she says I act mature for my age, she actually thought I was three classes ahead of her and because of that, she was respecting me. That’s why she used to talk to me like that. Hahaha. 

Eventually, on one of her visits to see Hope, I asked whether she had finished doing a particular coursework, and she was shocked that I was in the same class as she was, blah blah and the friendship began. And the “big girl respect” she was giving me earlier ended! I’ve suffered!. 

It’s been almost five amazing years of a beautiful and unique friendship!. And today, at 11:00pm, she leaves for Nigeria. Probably forever. I’m still in shock that suddenly, for many years (until we will have enough money to be flying around anyhow to visit each other. Somebody say Amen!) she won’t be just a phone call or a text away. That today we made our last video together and took the last pictures we will have together in a long time!.

As I was still trying to process her departure, I realised that I could choose to whine and be so sad or I could just put few words together and be thankful for a beautiful friendship. I choose the latter.

Mimiwar, today, I’m thankful that I met you. I’m thankful you became my personal person. I always marvel at how alike we are!. From TV shows, to clothes, to movies, to snapchat filters, Hahah. If I like it, most likely Mimi likes it too and vice versa. Many times, if we find something funny, we don’t even need to say anything. I’d just look at Mimi and find that she is planning on laughing too and then we just burst out laughing together.

Thank you for loving me and showing it to me in both the big and little ways. Especially the little ways, because they were the sweetest.

Thank you for always agreeing to go to eat with me even if you weren’t hungry, just sitting there, telling funny stories and keeping me company as I eat was sweet.

Thank you for always giving me endless hugs whenever you saw me, even if you saw me just the day before. I remember one-day as I was approaching the Political Thought classroom, you saw me through the window and ran out of class and gave me a long tight hug and said “I’m so happy you’ve come. I was so bored in class. I’m so happy to finally see someone I love”. It was funny but my heart melted.

Thank you for always agreeing to take pictures with me even when I had to force you. And thank you for always being ready to make videos with me, however silly and senseless they were….which is the nature of most of the videos we make.😂 (But wait… How come you are always ready and willing to make videos with me yet you complain when I ask you to take selfies with me? Aren’t videos more stressful?)

Thank you for being my dramatic friend. For being the friend I can go to when I want to have some naughty girl drama, come up with some crazy ideas, loosen up, laugh alot, and just be a dramatic crazy person. 

Thank you for your positive energy. You walk into a room, look in my direction, and then wear that beautiful smile of yours that would make me smile too and lighten up the moment. 

Thank you for embracing my family; for calling my mum mummy, visiting my sisters at school, and sister zoning me.

Thank you for always keeping your wardrobe open so that Sammy and I could take your clothes (this was only in 2013 and 2014 when you were still living a humble life). However, you grew up and started locking it everytime we were coming to see you. Hahah. But still, thank you for when you left it open. And now that you are very far away from me, I’ll admit to this…Yes, you were right, I “forgot” your dress at home on purpose. Hahhaah.

Thank you for always watching Nigerian movies with me. 

Thank you for the friendship experience I’ve had with you. With you it’s been dramatic, blissful, we’ve fought sometimes, gotten really angry at each other sometimes, etc but we’ve always come back to each other. Even when I thought I didn’t want to talk to you again, our beautiful friendship brought us back to each other. Ours is indeed a beautiful friendship. And I love you alot. 

I could go on and on, but I’ll end her. Once again, I love you so much!.

This phase of our friendship is over. And its just the beginning of a new phase of our lives is just the beginning of another journey for us. I will see you soon my friend. Sooner than we think we will. I love you baby.❤




  1. My Nigerian Bae has gone, we shall all miss you madam. Your friendship is one of a kind. (sobs.sobs.)
    Mercy, you forgot one, Mimi comes running to you if she sees you coming from a distance after screaming your name out loud with no care of the people around and she is like, aww i missed you so much even when she saw you last night. haha

    Great post, Esther.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aawww… Thank you! And thank you for reading and commenting!. I have an Mtn line too but I’ve never tried to use it for internet. If airtel keeps acting up, I’ll just have to switch because it gets really annoying!.


  2. Awwwwwww this is really sweet….*tear drops literally:-) so cute and always remember that what God brings together, nothing can separate it. Also distance is nothing when you’re in eachother’s hearts and yes, hold on to those beauriful memories.


  3. This is so nice,’the Nigerian Jollof’ cracked me up.

    I had a similar experience when I visited Uganda late last year. Too much hospitality! For sure I will be visit again and again…

    Liked by 1 person

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