All I needed was a visit to the dermatologist!.

Coconut oil is so overrated. I feel like some people even lie about it doing wonders for them just because others/their faves like it.

That quote above is from a tweet I saw last week and it reminded me about a post I’d wanted to write for a while now. 

First and foremost, I llooveee coconut oil! It works just amazing for my hair and I’ve been using it since 2012. For my skin, nope, I’ve never tried it and honestly I don’t think I want to. Lol. But it’s a must have for me for my hair. 
Anyway, like I was saying, that tweet reminded me that I wanted to write something about the use of natural remedies for skin care and how, in my opinion, they are just overrated.

So, let’s talk about skin issues and using natural remedies to fix them.

I’ve always used natural remedies for both my skin and hair. This is not because I am team all natural living (I think all natural living is too much work and involves too many rules and sacrifices. #justsaying), but because I’m team cheapskate and team DIY and those are usually cheaper and honestly, even more fun to use because they are experimental and inspire creativity. Natural remedies have done an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G job on my hair that I can’t stop using them even when I have other products! However, with my skin, they’ve totally failed. And it was such a stressing experience. 

I’m not in any way trying to bash natural methods of skin care but over time, I’ve learned that you’d rather visit the dermatologist and get it done with already instead of going around in circles with these natural remedies.

Here’s why. 

In 2013, I started getting problems with my skin; like acne, break outs etc. Coincidentally, this came at a time when WordPress, YouTube and I were just becoming best friends. So of course I went there and ofcourse to their ancestor, Google to solve my skin problems. And it’s interesting how alot of information out there recommends use of natural products for dealing with skin problems. 

Source: Google Images

For example use avocado, sugar, tomatoes etc. So of course I invaded my mum’s kitchen and collected what I could lay my hands on and got to work.
Truth be told, for the start, that worked for me really well. I remember using tomatoes, egg york, sugar, honey and coconut oil regimen that I even blogged about a long time ago. About two weeks later, my skin improved. However, this was only short lived. My skin kept disturbing, and I continued using the natural regimen and it kept working so I was okay for the time being. 

However, over time, for some reason, my skin started getting worse that even the natural regimen I had started using wasn’t working anymore. So I went back to my informants and tried to search for how people with more serious issues were doing it. This only led me to try a gazillion other natural things but nothing was working. Yet it was working for almost EVERYONE on YouTube and WordPress. This is the part I can’t comprehend. 

Honestly I don’t understand!.

All these natural stuff work for alot of people on the internet but for me, they just failed! Even when I used them religiously and with due diligence. This frustrated me because here I was following everything I was learning from WordPress and YouTube to the dot and yet nothing was working yet these ladies’ skins were literally glowing. Even SHEA BUTTER refused to work for me!.

The trial and error period with natural methods continued until the end of last year. My family and I travelled up country for Christmas and the first thing ALL my relatives asked after saying hello to me was “What happened to your skin? Are you getting treatment for it?” Followed by streams of pieces of advice and lots of opinions about what I should and shouldn’t do. It is then that I realised how terrible my skin had become and how much I needed to see a dermatologist. 
So at the beginning of this year (literally. It was 2nd January. Talk of new year, new me. Hahaha), I decided to go to the dermatologist. 

She examined my skin, found out what was wrong and prescribed medication for me, as well as a regimen that I could use, and it wasn’t coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocados, etc. All I needed was my medication, ALOT of water and a water based lotion which I would use if I wanted to after the duration of my medication. Otherwise, during the period of medication, she told me not apply anything on my face. And if I liked my face that way, I’d keep doing that even after the dose was complete. And to date, I just wash my face and that’s it, except when I need to wear make up for a party or something. 

Days after I started using the medication, I already started seeing results. In about three weeks, my face was clear! No more acne and it just felt and looked smooth and clean!. Yo! I think I need to emphasize how clean my face felt and looked after I started on this medication. It’s like a weight had literally been lifted off my face.

Three months later (the duration of the medication), my skin was totally fine!. I’ve started using the soap that was part of the medicine I was given as my everyday soap and every time I get a break out, I re use the medication that was prescribed for me and it’s gone in days!.

From my experience, I came to the conclusion that use of natural remedies is great and it works sometimes, but there is no need going through the hustle really. Who knows, I’d be four years in, trying to fight my skin issues the natural way. Yet all I needed was the help of a professional. 

Another thing that discourages me about natural remedies is that there is so much guess work out there. One blogger says use only the egg york, the other says nope, use only the egg white, blogger number 3 says use both of them!. Okay. What exactly am I supposed to use?!. I know there are some actual professionals out there who give professional advise with regards to natural remedies but I also know very many people out there do guess work or just blog about what worked for them. And then we on the receiving end see y’all with glowing faces and then we go on a mega wild goose chase which ends up in frustration.

Now I’m not saying I don’t /will never use any natural remedies. I still steam my face, I still use a sugar and honey mix for exfoliating, cucumber is great for those eye bugs, and egg york leaves the skin feeling ridiculously smooth, but I’ve learned not to rely on them independently as my skin care routine. Use them, but just don’t kill yourself with trying out every natural remedy you hear/think of. Not everything natural is good for you or will work for you. If you can, visit the dermatologist. If you cant, save up some money until you can. It may be quite costly, but it may save you more costs in the long run!.

Me, fresh faced without any make up, lotion or anything else on my face❤. That morning, the sun was giving me a million big kisses!🌸

I hope you are okay, and thank you for reading and share your thoughts on this topic with me.
Have a great day!




  1. Very informative! I think the problem with natural skin care remedies is that they boast too much about effectiveness. They can be great as a supplement but proper nutrition and hydration are the true heroes of skin care. Skincare begins from the inside out. Thanks for sharing your experience! Loved it!


    • I couldn’t have said this any better!!. I wish I knew this information before I embarked on that wild goose chase. Anyhow, I’m glad I know it now. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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