Catching up: The year so far.

Hello… Happy New Month! Happy New Month! *insert the Ugandan style ululations* 

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It is the middle of the year! Congratulations you’ve made it this far! Isn’t God amazing. Personally, I’m so thankful that I get to reach the middle of yet another year. I’m so thankful for how the previous months have turned out, especially the past two, and I’m expectant and excited to see what the rest of the year holds for me. I hope you are too.
I thought I’d come here and do a quick update considering I was MIA for the longest time these past months. I wrote a post about Gratitude and finishing school over a month ago, and in that post I said that at the beginning of this year, I jokingly said that “2017 is my year”, and I usually threw the phrase around whenever something was going right for me or even when I needed to pump up myself. And like I was saying, I think I said that long enough to actually believe it is my year! And for me to see it manifesting into my year!. There’s something YouTube bloggers; “Terrol and Nakita” say that I’ve taken up and I’m determined to live by for the rest of the year. They say “Thoughts become things”. Simple as that sounds, isn’t it powerful?! 

Let’s dive right in! Grab a seat and a snack. Let the catching up begin.

The year so far..

The year so far has just been very different from the rest. Like I said in a previous post or two that I went through a major set back at the beginning of the year and this caused me to sort of shut down, I was not motivated by anything, I wasn’t excited about the new year because of the way it began. But I’m thankful to God that I later pulled through. 

Also because of how my year started with lack of enthusiasm or motivation, I didn’t set any goals or plans for the new year. This was tough for me because I love buying me some cute notebooks at the beginning of the year, and I love to write and set goals. 

2016 I think…

But well, this time, I failed to, and I decided that since I wasn’t motivated enough to come up with any plans or goals, I would just “go with the flow” And honestly, the “go with the flow” thingy is totally fine and even fun because it has an element of spontaneity, but I found it extremely disorganised. 

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I realised that because I was just going with the flow, I didn’t really set and accomplish any monthly goals as I used to previously yet for me, knowing that I accomplished this and that for such a month is motivation for the next month. I also realised that I did things that I otherwise wouldn’t have done if I had been intentional about following a functional to do list or if I had a target to meet. 
I also had a writing set back for the better part the past months! It was REAL. And interestingly, I used to write but I never got around to finishing or posting. Going through this taught me not to pressure myself. It taught me to write just for me, when I want to and how I want to without feeling the need to post it. 

What I’ve been doing… 

So, what have I been doing this first half of the year? After I was okay from my beginning of year setback, my year began! I was browsing through my TL on twitter this morning and I found a tweet that summarised how my life has been these past months!

I’ve basically just been living it up. This year I’ve done more living it up than I have in any year I can remember. 

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I loved myself alot more, I spoiled myself the best way I knew how and taught myself to turn up for just me, I laughed alot more, I smiled even wider and more often, I put myself out there alittle more, took the seriousness a notch or five down (life is not that serious), I took alot more pictures, attended events that I could, generally, I lived it up!.
I finished law school. Yyaasss! I finished law school. I already talked about this in a previous post so I won’t say much about it anymore, just that I’m all forms of THANKFUL that this finally happened.

I invested much more in friendships.

Fffrriiienndss.❤ My birthday photoshoot in April.

I began new friendships which have turned out AMAZING! I lost a few friends (most, if not all friendships are seasonal), I sort of reconnected with a few old friends. But most importantly, I bonded more with my current friends these past months, (especially those with whom the friendship seemed to be drifting apart) than I’d done in the past. Atleast now if such a friendship ends, we will know that it was just the end of it’s season, and not because we didn’t try. 

I turned a year older in April.

Birthday Photoshoot

 For my birthday, I did a photoshoot again as I did for last year’s birthday. This time however, I did the photoshoot with my girlfriends, and then I had lunch with them afterwards.

Growth! Growth and more growth! Out of tough circumstances come lessons and opportunities for growth. And these past months I’ve grown.

Here are a some of the lessons these past months have taught me.

1. Just write. Whether it’s in your notebook or blog, whether it makes sense or not, whether you are going to post it or not, whether anyone knows you are doing it or not, JUST WRITE.. 

2. Only dead fish go with the flow. Have a practical plan. And set goals!

3. Thoughts become things. Let’s say this again, this time a little louder and more boldly THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! 

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4. Everyday is a good day to start over. 

5. All of life is indeed seasonal. Embrace the new seasons and take everything you can take out of them.

6. Everyone has a story, and one day we all be able to tell our stories. And every story has an audience that it will inspire….whether it’s a one person audience or an entire crowd, it will inspire. Tell your story.

7. FIND yourself and BE that.

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Here are some of my plans for the rest of the year.

1. Set monthly goals and try to achieve them.

2. Graduate! This is a given! It will be happening on 7th July this year.

3. Learn to drive. I start driving lessons this month! Yyaayy. Is it just Uganda or is driving school fee just ridiculously expensive?!

4. Getting into a particular ministry at church.

5. Introduce a new segment or two to my blog (the beauty of having a lifestyle blog, you write about anything!).

6. Get into Law Development Center for the bar course. And by God’s grace I will.

7. Tap into my inner creativity alot more. Do alot of DIYs where I need to, write more, perfect my make up skills, learn new things etc.

8. Read. Read. Read. I have a tone of books waiting for me to read them! Too bad I need to balance doing that with reading for the bar course. And also, too bad they are soft copy books. I really prefer hard copy books. Who else does?🙋

Finished these. I need new hard copy books.😩😩 Someone come bless me.

9. More growth and more glow. Hahah
10. More living it up.

11. Dear Lord, teach me to stop procrastinating!!! Amen.

12. Lastly, being intentional and practical about making 2017 MY YEAR!

Still from the birthday photoshoot…. Dancing to “He did it again” by Sinach.

So that’s what the the past months have been for me. How has it been for you? Highs, lows, lessons, experiences, etc Please share in the comments section!.

Have a great day!




  1. aaaawwwww, this is so beautiful. First off, we have something in common, “the love for cute notebooks” and notebooks in general….wuhuu. Then, I can totally relate with this post especially about the points you shared in lessons 1, 2,3, and 6 but everything. “more growth, more glow” i like. As for reading, am coming to you for lessons, inspiration, books name it, haha. for the Law bar course, you can do this girl, God’s gatchu. About friendships, I am really coming to terms with the fact that they are seasonal so what’s meant to be sticks and what’s not meant to fades, so you just gotta go with what sticks and let life be life really, haha. Thanks for this

    Liked by 1 person

    • Such a beautiful comment!. Thank you!. I’m realizing I have so much in common with you. In real life we can be friends. Hahaha. About reading, yes please come for books and inspiration. And as always, thanks for reading and commenting!


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