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The AWOL blogger is back!. Life has been happening on this lane. Otherwise, I hope everyone is doing great!. 

Today, I’ll be sharing a quick post which I hope will bless/ be helpful to someone.

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About three weeks ago, I learned a new method of Bible study from a YouTube channel called Coffee and Bible Time  . I find this method really effective and enriching. I switched it up a little bit to suit my fancy, however, you can go to her channel and check out the original version over there, and also check out other cool Christian stuff she has on her channel. 

I’m going to be honest and say that just because of how deep and detail oriented this method of Bible study is, I don’t use this for my daily Bible study. On a daily basis I prefer to do a quick Bible study or devotional depending on how my schedule is. This method is for when I want to spend extra quiet time with God, when I want to really get in the Bible, generally when I just want to experience something extra and deeper during my quiet time. However, if this can fit perfectly into your everyday schedule, then by all means incorporate it. 

The first four steps of this method are entirely from Coffee and Bible time, then the last two steps are stuff I incorporated to suit me. 

Let’s get started! 

What you need..

You’ll need your Bible, notebook, some highlighters or colours and whatever else you use when you do your Bible study. 
The process. .

This Bible study method is divided into various parts which are:

  • Summary
  • Verses that stood out
  • Obedience/Live it out
  • Prayers
  • Thanksgiving
  • Confession

I wrote those sections down in my notebook just so they can always guide me when reading my Bible. 

    With those written down, I used colours to apportion one colour per section.

    Pink for summary, green for verses that stood out, red for obedience/living it out, blue for prayers, orange for thanksgiving and finally brown for confession. 
    Now that that is done, let’s dive right into the Bible.

     I head to the scripture I am reading for the day, and as I read, I keep marking the verses with the different colours according to how they speak to me. 

    So, for example if James 1:5 is something I need to pray about for my life, I’ll mark it with blue. If James 1:2 is something I need to live out, then I’ll mark it with red, etc. This makes it easier to write stuff down in my notebook without getting confused. Don’t be afraid to make your Bible dirty. Lol. 
    With that done, I then head to my notebook and fill out the sections as follows:


    Under the summary section, I summarise the entire scripture I’ve read in my own words, just to be sure that I’ve understood what I’ve just read. This enables me really get an understanding of the scripture because it usually requires that I read the scripture over and over again to properly understand it. 
    Verses that stood out: 

    In this section, I write down the verses that stood out for me, just so I can always find them and be reminded whenever I randomly read through my notes. This also enables me memorise these verses.
    Obedience/Live it out: 

    Here I write which of those verses I need to live out or be obedient to, just to make sure the Bible study does not end at reading and writing stuff down. And I also add how and when I will live them out, just so that I have a motivation to do it, and writing that down brings a sense of accountability, especially if I have to keep looking at it. Honestly, living out scripture is not the easiest thing to do in my Christian journey, but by the grace of God, I try, and some days are better than others. 

    Lately I’m learning about the importance of writing down my prayers. One of the most important things this does is that it’s one sure way of me keeping track of what God is doing in my life, what prayers He has answered, etc…this is a story for another day. So, in this section, I make a general prayer about what I’ve just studied, asking God to give me the grace to be able to put it into action and generally pray for other things.

    In this section, I look through the scripture I’ve just read and find out things that the scripture talks about that I already do/have and then I’ll thank God for that. The thanksgiving can also be done for something I don’t have, but I’m believing God for. For example, if the scripture talks about having unwavering faith, but I don’t have that yet, I’ll thank God for the fact I believe that someday, by His grace, I will be able to have unwavering faith.


    There is power in the tongue, and there is power in claiming our promises in Christ. In this section, I write down things from the scripture that I want to speak over my life. Basically, I just claim the scriptures into my life. 
    And then it’s done. If I have anything else to write, I’ll just write it down after the confessions section.

    That’s it!. I hope I was articulate enough in my explanations. It’s quite tasking to explain something like that in writing, so I hope I made sense. This is a really enriching Bible study method and it’s going to stick with me for a while. You don’t have to follow it to the dot. You can switch it up, reduce/add sections etc. Basically you can play around with it to suit your fancy. 

    What do you think of this Bible study method? What Bible study method do you use? I’d like to hear from you. Share in the comments section.

    Otherwise I hope you were blessed. 

    Have a great day!



    1. Woooowwww….Perfect timing. Studying the Word has been a trick for me lately because its one thing to read and its another to study it. Thanks for sharing this Mercy…i have been stirred up and inspired to dig deeper. I feel like alot of times as christians we are so lazy to read God’s Word but how will we know or claim His promises over our lives when we haven’t read them? How will we live out His Word as our standard for life when we are clueless about His standards? How will we know who we are and the authority God has given us when we don’t know our father’s Heart? How will we grow if we are not feeding? (I speak to myself as i write this) see how your post has stirred me up, thank God for using you as His Vessel to share this.
      Meanwhile about writing down prayers (i smiled as i read this) because i think i write more of my prayers than i say them and usually they are in form of love letters or notes to God. Especially after you have read His Word and you write, its like sending a reply to Heaven haha. Mahn, i live for letters, guess that’s why i enjoyed sending mail in high school (see how i have digressed). Anyways, thanks for this. Also His Grace is sufficient for us every time and is even more abounding when we need it. The more you focus on God and see yourself through His mirror (the Word), everything else begins to strangely grow dim. I’m learning that the trick is to fix your eyes on God and as you do that, He sorts you and fixes everything about you (perfects that which concerns you). I think that alot of times we miss the point when we try to focus on ourselves, try to do it in our own strength and that’s why it sometimes gets hard and in the process we fail and can easily throw in the towel. And its not because we don’t have the ability to walk in obediance(we so do), but rather, its just that our focus just isn’t right. Also lately writing my prayers and lessons from bible study has been a struggle but i guess the devil brings habits like laziness, busy schedules, fatigue etc, to slow us down from writing down things because he knows that when we do not write, we will have no reference and with that, we will forget and in the process fail to count our blessings, instead, we begin naming our struggle, seeing more pain than joy. Again, the focus will have shifted! And before we know it, our quiet time with God slowly becomes a myth.
      Anyways let me stop here before i start up a mini blog post on your page haha. But i’ll definitely try out this method and share as well. Usually i use the You version app for devotions or some guidlines i learnt at a youth camp back in the day (this is a story for another day), remind me to tell this story Mercy hihi.
      Also i like how you start your posts, makes us feel like we are part of your world #TakesNotes hihi. Thanks girrllll:-)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahahha.. I also ENJOYED sending mail in high school. Hahah. We need to be real life friends already. Haha. Anyway, girl, you just preached over here!. And I remember telling you sometime on your blog that you write wisdom. I actually meant it. I wasn’t saying it just for just. And comments like this actually remind me that you write wisdom. Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I have also learned from it. And thank you for appreciating my writing. You know I lov how you write too!. And yes, I will remind you to tell me the story. Trust me, I will. Ttthhhaaannkks for reading and commenting!❤❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • Awwwwww yes yes, we should be real life friends indeed. I will stalk you some how at LDC (hides face). About the writing, its all God my love (i blush at how He does His things) but it was a pleasure sharing and i am glad you learnt something, yay. We share, we learn and together we grow. In other news, i should write you a letter here sometime in memory for our love for letter writing wuhuuuu


    2. Thank you Mercy for this. I relate with this Bible Study experience in every sense and I’m glad to share my experience in the hope that creativity will be inspired as we pursue the word of God.
      First the valuable weight of Bible study in our lives is clearly seen in Matthew 4 as Jesus resisted temptation with the word. Colossians 3:16 challenges us to have the word of God dwelling in us richly. We must be able to test our selves time after time and see how far away we could have drifted from being deeply rooted in the word.
      We are made for the pleasure of God. John Piper in his writings says, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in him”. Those familiar with ‘desiringGod’ website have interacted with this quote countless times. Piper goes on to say, and I’ll paraphrase,”When you find your satisfaction in the Lord, find your way of saying it, living it, breathing it and acting it”
      Mercy shares a practical Bible study methodology which I believe is a means of satisfaction in the Lord like Paul prays in Philippians 1:19 saying, “May your love grow with knowledge and discernment”.
      Our love for God is indispensable from our knowledge of the word of God which grows our discernment to be able to tell good from bad and choose good which glorifies God, bringing him pleasures and living us satisfied. In every man, there’s a vacuum that can only be filled when we live for God’s pleasure.
      Having said that, here is my experience. I have used the SOAP principle for a while now. Where SOAP means;
      S – Scripture
      O – Observe
      A – Apply
      P – Pray
      Let me explain,
      SCRIPTURE: So having studied a Bible passage or any portion of the scriptures, find one scripture that stands out with a a specific word for you, it could be a challenge, a blessing, rebuke..e. t.c. You can call it your memory verse for the day.
      OBSERVING: having found that one scripture, observing is seeing the surrounding of the scripture that stands out by looking at the scriptures before it and after it. In this way you gain the skill of allowing the Scriptures to be linked. What we call scripture explaining scripture.
      Apply, this is what Mercy calls Live out
      And we conclude with P which is Pray.
      we pray that God helps us apply what we have observed as the rebukes, challenge or any other specific word in our scripture of the day. And the prayer can be a thanks giving prayer or a confession as Mercy well spelt it.
      The idea of Soap is for us to daily study the word and be able to check our lives when we miss out. It is a daily practice. In my experience, I use a journal. And everytime time a page is empty, I’m reminded and challenged.
      I thought it wise to share it because while Mercy spells out a practical method that could be adopted for fairly lengthy time. The SOAP principle can be adopted for daily study. Both are necessary.
      Every time I teach the SOAP principle I’m reminded that God is in the business of cleaning us with his word as John 15:3 says, “Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you”
      God bless you.


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