October to December: 90 Days of Gratitude || Week one sum up.

Hello there!

I’m back with 90 days of Gratitude. From October to December, we will be giving thanks for the big and small things in life in order to cultivate an attitude of Gratitude.

I started this last week, with the hope of blogging daily, but after day two, I realised it would be monotonous and get boring to have to blog every single day for 90 days and to be honest, due to my alternating schedule, I don’t think I would be able to be very consistent, so I decided I’d keep doing the daily post on my status and then do a week sum up, so we would have just one post per week speaking about what I’ve been thankful for everyday of that week.

Okay, let’s dive right in. For this week, I’ll start from Wednesday (Day 3).

Day 3.

Today, I am thankful for YouTube and the wealth of knowledge it offers.

I first got hooked on YouTube in 2014 when I started my natural hair journey. Since then, I attribute a bunch of things I’ve learned about hair, books, photography, God, creativity, life and the world in general to one or ten YouTube videos and tutorials.

Day 4.

Today, I’m thankful for music.

Words can’t explain what a good song can do! The places it can take you! The wounds it can heal, the dreams it can birth! Music is powerful! I’m thankful especially for worship music. When I can’t pray, worship music covers me, in my darkest moments, worship music reminds me of God’s promises and goodness, when in my brightest moments, worship music elevates my spirits higher.

Music is powerful.

Day 5:

Today, I’m thankful for my continuous deliverance from fear.; fear of the unknown, the future, my inadequacies, incapabilities, capabilities, stepping into my purpose, death, the ghosts in Nigerian movies… Hahaha, etc. I’m so thankful that even if I still have my moments of fear, I’m not a slave.

I have overcome and I’m yet to overcome many more fears.

Day 6:

Today, I’m thankful for food, friends and a good laugh.

Let’s just say I had plenty of those today and I’m thankful for that.

Day 7:

Today, I’m thankful that I had a super productive day.

Today, I had the longest to do list and I was able to tick everything! If you are anything like me, that means only one thing… Productive day! Yyaay!.

Seeing as these are hard to come by sometimes, I’m grateful when I am able to finish all the items on my list.

That was last week. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten through seven days of Gratitude. Let’s keep doing this.

You can join the challenge too. All you have to do is start!.

Have a blessed week!

May October be good to you.



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