A lot of random….and probably a lesson in there.


This will get posted later than it should be,so just go with the flow.

Wednesday || Time check: 8:10pm.

I intentionally tailored my program for the day in such a way that I’d reach home over an hour earlier than I usually do because I wanted to watch a few episodes of Fargo before sleep caught up with me.

Source: Google Images

Then this came to me, and considering inspiration is hard to come by these days, I jump on anything that even remotely seems like it. So, here I am.

Let’s dive right in.

Yesterday, a friend (Naaki) and I were supposed to attend a thing together. About 30 minutes to our meeting time, an unexpected workload landed on my desk, and that’s when I realised that the only thing that would be leaving the building in 30 minutes time would be my evening plans.

An hour into doing the work with no hope of finishing soon, I decided to tell Naaki that I wouldn’t make it. To make sure she believed me, I took a selfie and sent it to her with the caption still battling”. Then she replied “ with a smile on your face? What kind of battle is this though?Impulsively, I replied “rule number 5: don’t wear your problems on your face”. No, rule 1,2,3, and 4 do not exist. I just threw the number “5” in there for no reason. We made one or two jokes about it and the conversation was done.

After our conversation, I started thinking about what I’d said and what the situation actually was at that time. The selfie was portraying a smiley face and a seemingly relaxed person, but behind it was a brain that was tired from reading through and correcting the same thing over and over, a frustrated and impatient spirit, a body that was drained by day two of a bad flu, a printer that was giving me headache, and a little bit of a bad attitude that I was finding hard to control. So, in short, I was battling!.

But let’s look at it this way; how would it have helped if amidst all of that, I decided to sulk or worse still, wear my frustration so plainly to the point that it affected my mood so bad that I didn’t even deem it fit to inform Naaki and probably switched of my phone to deal with all this? It wouldn’t have helped. My brain would still be tired, spirit frustrated, body drained, desk full and I’d have an additional burden of carrying stress on my face and brooding. Meanwhile, in all this brooding, life and time are swiftly moving forward and not waiting for me to pick up the pace.

I love something I saw a while ago on the insta stories of one of my favourite YouTubers (Tosin Alabi)...

You should check her channel out. She said something like; “If everyone was asked to line up their problems on the street, some of us would have to come back to pick ours”. The point being, we all have challenges. Everyone. But there comes a point where each of us needs to realise that regardless of the challenges we have, we need to channel our attention to our current blessings because well, you never know how heavy the burden another person is carrying is. So if every challenge is going weigh us down, or be written all over our faces, attitude, mood, energy we need to remember that some of our challenges are a ride in the park compared to others’, and at least we should be grateful that we’ve never had to face some of things others consider challenges. Now, I’m not saying your challenges are not valid; by all means they (small or big) are! How you approach and respond to them though is what comes into play here. A positive attitude in the midst of a storm can take you a long way. Reminds me of Job in the Bible. In verse 1 when he loses everything, but he praised God!

Getting weighed down is one option, but also, weighing our challenges to determine which ones have the liberty to weigh us down and which ones don’t is another option

Phew! So random! I hope you learned something. Time check: 8:53pm. Now allow me go watch Fargo.

May October be good to you.


UPDATE: So I watched just one episode of Fargo, and there was a scene that I could relate to what I’ve just written.

A post office worker, on realising that an oddly addressed package was sent a seemingly mysterious man (Malvo) who declined to show any ID or give further explanation for the package, remarked; “this is highly irregular”.

Malvo replied; “no, highly irregular is the time I found a human foot in an oven. This is just odd”. I had a good laugh (trust me, it’s funnier watched than read).

Source: Google Images

In relation to what I’ve written about, don’t let an odd situation trigger a highly irregular reaction in you. Distinguish odd from highly irregular and react accordingly.


  1. i learnt some pretty nice lessons from it
    You still could write despite all and trust me i know what hard work writing is especially if the idea has to be in an order that will be well comprehended
    “weighing our challenges to determine which ones have the liberty to weigh us down”…deep and i love it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I dof my cap for your fine writing skill. You have a way of communicating sense in a witty, precise and conversational manner 👌. And yea, no matter what the circumstances are, we all have a choice as to how we respond to them. We can choose to wear our problems as an astronaut will wear his spacesuit or see them as stepping stones to better things.

    Liked by 1 person

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